A set of 60 pages of graphics and tables (divided into 7 PDF documents by topic) is updated for each publication by our analytical team from our databases created since January 28, 2020 sourced from the following public data sources :

  • : World ;
  • Alipay ; Sina and the desk research from Min Belinda Lu in Shanghai for China ;
  • (France) ;
  • (USA)
  • : Brazil Hospital data available in open source at granular level. We thank Artefact for helping us set up analysis algorithm of this massive data set to deliver key metrics like ICU occupancy, ages and comorbidities of hospital cases and deaths, making it an exclusivity of

We are collecting data on those websites once a day so as to maintain the continuity of the back data. Therefore some documents are updated on a daily basis (China and France according to governmental update periodicity), even if no Live Analysis published, and the CovidFlow tool is updated every day.

We give you 7 topics :

  • World prevalence
  • Deaths and Intensive Care Units (ICU)
  • France vs Italy comparison
  • France in depth and France charts by region
  • Greater China : history of cases, re-imported and asymptomatic by province, focus on local clusters, Hong Kong
  • Epidemiology and others : ages / comorbidities of cases and deaths, health worker / elderly care clusters
  • Worldwide epidemic evolution : now available also on web interactive pages across over 200 countries with CovidFlow