“Covid Flash” archives

At the time of the «information highways», relayed by the social networks, our objective is thus to «return to the fundamentals»: outline daily 5-6 «strong signals», factual more than emotional, in the «noise» environment, and thus reassure as many as possible in the face of an ever-changing pandemic.

State of play at S3 of the American elections

Friday 16/10/2020

We are in an epidemic phase, and we consider this to be a “new epidemic”, which cannot be compared to the previous one, because the ecosystem has completely evolved in terms of the physical environment and preventive measures ( following new knowledge). Taking into account the probable correlation with the season (see absence of “summer outbreak” in Europe), we call it: Covid 19 – Season 2. See more

“Living With”: neither reconfinement, nor generational conflict

Thursday 15/10/2020

Above all, maintain a winning morale, essential to the “Mental Health” of the Country, by “living with”:

  • 100% of the 1082 C + sailors from Charles de Gaulle are unharmed – & only one spent 10 days in intensive care!
  • We are not in Ebola (50% mortality): a priori more than 99% survival of C +, in the general population. See more

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