Covid Flow

Covidminute is proud to introduce CovidFlow, the latest innovation of our volunteer team which has resourced a lengthy time of preparation, research and set up.

In a click, you can view, country by country for 150 countries, and each of the USA States, the daily epidemic charts since February 29, the key indicators of the epidemic, testing, restriction policy and timing, and the status of infection post lifting restrictions.

We want to thank the volunteer team members who are working on CovidFlow :

  • content selection : Dr Guillaume Zagury, Dr Bachir Athmani, Carole Gabay
  • Internet desk research : Laetitia Bernard-Granger
  • technical set-up : Carole Gabay with the precious support of Fabrice Bonnifait in Shanghai, Richard Coffre, our webmaster in Paris et special thanks to DRCOM Asia for the support.

If you would like to complement our facts database from where you live, please send over !

NB : The interpretation of the epidemic charts can be flawed especially when countries do not (or not regularly) report on recovered patients (UK, Netherlands, and also France which only reports hospital discharges)

Page 1, the cumulated data shows the course of the epidemic, optimally provided the recoveries are well reported. Page 2, the daily deaths, new cases, and current serious cases to deliver the bell-shape vision. As much as some countries do not report on recoveries, some countries do not report (or not anymore) on the serious cases.

For the USA

We are processing public data on ICU, Ventilator, Hospitalized cases by State from

For China

We offer the Wuhan /Hubei exc Wuhan / out of Hubei local / imported segmentation, which is the only relevant way to analyze China data. We are also the proud first analysts to have introduced this segmentation as early as February 1 in our daily newsletters.

Integration of Brazil Hospital data

Another innovation and exclusivity with ARTEFACT ASIA which offered their precious support in integrating the Brazil hospital data which is made available at granular level (not aggregated) on the website of the Ministry of Health. The data set being massive, our Data Analytics expert Carole Gabay called on ARTEFACT ASIA and we are the very first to “crunch” this data set to compute the cases in intensive care and other metrics (ages, co-morbidities … ) that we compare regularly across several countries, with the invaluable help and courtesy of ARTEFACT ASIA.
Many Thanks to :

  • Maël Deschamps, Data scientist
  • Edouard de Mézerac, Managing Partner

To look at these data:

  • click on the image below for the worldwide point of view
  • click on the image below for the USA point of view