Middle Empire and Mask Diplomacy: the boomerang effect?

I. COVID 360 “MINUTE”: graphs and maps (80% of the information)


I.1 France and Europe

D15 of deconfinement, no second wave C (+) observed, indicators  to green (hospitalizations, diagnostics, saturation of  resuscitations):

I.2 Vision time: we follow Italy with 10 days lag

Comparative chronological evolution of resuscitation cases France/Italy


I.4 Europe: no ‘second wave’ observed in countries ahead of us


I.5 Epidemic Mapping (reported active cases):

Nearly 100 active “Wuhan” in 4 households and 31% of new cases reported in Latin America (20% USA)

I.6 World: Record phase with still figures at 100k new cases reported per day

Source: John Hopkins University

1.7 At the geographic level: the Americas in epidemic phase

II. 360-degree analysis: Mask-to-test diplomacy

Thank you to Dr. Bachir Athmani companion over 25 years for his contribution.

II.1 Initially…

…China had forced the admiration (stoic population in Hubei, and authorities) of the West, following rapid and effective measures, to control with theiraccess, the spread of infection.

II.2 Then the West was reached, and so are the Chinese who became observers,”health damage”:

  • The Chinese voice willingly calling the results  observed in Western countries “bad management”  compared to those of the “Middle Country”

II.3 Since then, the West has raised the tone to two levels in relation to  Chinese communication:

  • Under obvious statement of mortality in the Hubei (which is probably explained by the initial surprise effect – nothing was known about pathology and lack of tests – as has  been  observed  in Lombardy and the Great East): this would have been a major element of vigilance to better prepare.
  • The diplomacy of the mask and as Isaid, two months ago, the unique opportunity to show the planet, that China was at the service of World Public Health.

II.4 A missed opportunity, on two levels, by the  Chinese:

  • Quantitatively, the sale of masks (and of course the corollary of medical and health products) at exorbitant prices (sometimes 20-30 times the price of the year 2019): instead of imposing a “humanitarian” floor price, the government has left  the market fonctionner (supply/demand). The lure of  gain as a superior value, is a cultural constant in China…
  • Qualitatively: a lot of “fake” and as a result, the recent technological image (5G…. ) has deteriorated in many countries.

II.5 The Chinese Model is no longer a dream and it is finally the neighbouring democracies that emerge victorious:

  • The use of health technologies (geolocation, electronic tracking at all levels via the WeChat application…) to reinforce the image of a “Big Brother” type state (see: treatment of whistleblowers…), with its collective security aspect certainly, but liberticidal at the individual level.
  • On the other hand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, have equivalent health results,  but without the devastated image of the big Chinese brother.

II.6 In our eyes, China, which had a head start, lost the battle of the “Soft Power” for World leadership:

Europe will probably look back, look for causes and regulations. While  the protective culture for individuals will have been  positive,  the search for consensus is extremely time-consuming.

At the expense of the United States  and President Trump, who if he arrived late, managed to give the tools to the Americans (masks, tests …) but above all make them agree to “live with”, as for accidents of the public road (seat belt) or AIDS (condom). For us, as soon as the epidemic declines in the U.S., the economy will regain the upper hand (no  social protection) and the outgoing president will champion American leadership (culture of risk and innovation, …)

III FRANCE: cf Minute Analysis

  • It’s time to move on to the economy, by being careful (3M) in high-risk spaces (transportation…), and above all by protecting the frail.
  • Indicators are encouraging at the regional level, although the numbers may increase slightly  following the mass release of the tests:

IV EUROPE: A 3-speed, no-second wave Europe currently


4 endemic outbreaks (Americas, Russia, Middle East) and a record number of new cases reported yesterday (100k)

With the contributions of Dr. Bachir Athmani, Stéphane, and Carole Gabay, companions of the first hour, whom I thank again for their unwavering support.

Beware of certain figures (number of cases, deaths…) that are highly questionable because they vary from country to country (e.g. availability of tests), with measurement biases and therefore major under-reporting in some countries.

V.1 Prevalence: 2,808,000   active cases confirmed for observation

Vision time:

Historic vision: soon 6 million historical cases

Space Vision: The Americas in epidemic phase

World: cf map “minute analysis”

Continent: Americas (55%) – EU (20%) – Russia (10%) – Middle East (6%)

Top 10 countries

United States 1.15 M (yesterday 1.14 M)

Russia 223k (yesterday 220k)k)

United Kingdom 200k? (YesterdayHier  199k?)

Brazil 174k (yesterday 160k)k)

France 90k (yesterday 90k)

India 69k (yesterday 63k)k) 

Peru 64k (yesterday 59k)

Italy 59k (yesterday 65k)

Spain 56k (yesterday 55k)k)

Netherlands 37k? (YesterdayHier  38k?)

Pakistan 34k (yesterday 33k)

UK and NL maintained at their last known prevalence level.

V.2 Impact: 173. 000 new cases detected yesterday (new record)

Vision time:

By country

United States 24k (26k yesterday)

Brazil 20k (17k yesterday)

Russia 9k (9k yesterday)

India 7k (6k yesterday)

Chile 4k (4kyesterday)

England 3k (3k yesterday)

Mexico 3k (2k yesterday)

Peru 3k (5k yesterday)

Saudi Arabia 3k (3k yesterday)

Pakistan 3k (2k yesterday)

Indonesia, Singapore, Afghanistan, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates,  Bangladesh,  Belarus, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Cameroon, Canada,  Ecuador,  Egypt,Argentina, Colombia: 1 to 2k

Graphic vision

By continent: 4 regions or active epidemic: Latin America (1/3 of new cases) –  USA- Russia – Middle East


Many iconographies (schematics, tables, graphs…), are proposed on the site and  you can find the elements of the  CovidFlow, for  150 countries and 50 STATES states on the interactive pages  https://covidminute.com/covid-flow

Tomorrow: In the coming days

  • Brazil: when politico-economics is involved in health decision-making and on what arguments.
  • Japan: nothing new in the land of centenarians?
  • Sweden: success or bankruptcy?
  • Interest in masks by a-b: the study was published
  • Economic Health: this is the major issue (resumption of activity)

Keep in mind the “3M reflex” (Hands-Masques-Metre) to get

protect and “reflex 4M” (Hands-Masques-Meter-… Minute) for frail people… but above all to protect the most vulnerable.

Confidence and solidarity for this collective struggle

Dr Guillaume ZAGURY

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