The Western world still on the front line

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Dr. Guillaume Zagury, based in Shanghai, a specialist in international public health and health innovations, comments for the Community on a day-to-day basis on the evolution of the epidemic for more than three months, and provides  a first-of-the-art  understanding on its “country and region analysis” and predictable consequences (experiments of SARS in 2003 and Covid-19 in China).

A remarkable multidisciplinary volunteer team allows the realization of this analysis which is intended to be factual and objective (by the way, do not hesitate to join us: mail below):”every success is collective”.”. 

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I. COVID 360 “MINUTE”: graphs and maps (80% of the information)

I.1 France D.Day – 23 days (cf incubation of the disease – 20 days) and Europe:

Indicators still green in France: 2 regions under watch (IDF, Guyana)

  • Lockdown : one of the major measures
  • Other assumptions explored : Cross-Immunity (/ other coronavirus for example),Temperature and humidity (winter in Latin America), Natural Cycle, …

I.2 France is still 10 days behind Italy:

I.3 Europe: no second wave in countries who lifted restrictions before France

Note that some countries (Greece, Finland, Ireland,..) declare certain results only on a weekly basis.

I.4 World – size equation: still around 100k daily new cases reported

Geographical approach: Above all the West…

I.5 The most relevant indicator : deaths / 1M pop

Some caution in the interpretation of this charts by non specialists…. ; Toll of the epidemic facts are multi-factorial !


Analysis: our volunteer team has resumed work and as a result, we will publish indepth articles on a bi weekly basis.

We maintain  our  “360 reporting”  on a daily basis  and  will react  in  case of a breaking news.  


II .World: USA-Brazil-Russia-UK

Beware of certain figures (number of cases, deaths…) that are highly questionable because they vary from country to country (e.g. availability of tests), with measurement biases and therefore major under-reporting in some countries.

Prevalence: 3.3 M  active cases confirmed for observation,  40% of which are in the US

By Country:

IMPACT: 120,000  new cases detected yesterday

Detail space  time  vision:  

III. Relative importance by population:

Will President Trump succeed in reviving the economy sufficiently, after the Covid impact (probably one of the highest rates in the world with Brazil in the long run).

IV. COVID FLOW:  South Africa

Our “Covidminute” team provides you with the “Covidflow” interactive web pags (accessible on our platform: www., displaying multiple metrics on the epidemic for over 200 countries as well as the American states.

Keep in mind the “3M reflex” (Hands-Masques-Metre) to get protect and “reflex 4M” (Hands-Masques-Meter-… Minute) for frail people… but above all to protect the most vulnerable.

Confidence and solidarity for this collective struggle

Dr Guillaume ZAGURY

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