Since January 28 2020, we have collected and curated a unique set of Covid-19 public data on various websites.

In the CovidFlow tool we have also collected and updated regularly the lockdown / restrictions dates and rules by country, the ICU capacity for about 60 countries, desk research on nursing home deaths, information on deaths and cases by age group and co-morbidities.

We have structured the data for China into a structured database broken down by prefecture for confirmed,  asymptomatic, reimported, severe cases. Our unique data sets should help the decision makers in the world to support their strategies to protect the population and plan the recovery of their economies.

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Created in early 2020, TAG Advisory is a business consulting company (from Start Up to growth ETI).

Its vocation is to support its clients on issues of risk management and governance, fundraising and financing, internationalization.
Convinced of the strength of collective intelligence, TAG Advisory does not hesitate to bring together different available skills or to join forces with other specialists in order to best meet the needs of its customers
Why be a Medicilline partner?

Identifying the risks facing the company is a major governance issue for managers and executive committees.
The company’s response to new or emerging risks is all the more difficult to establish as these risks are by definition poorly understood or poorly assessed.
Taking into account the unique experience of its teams in China, TAG Advisory is pleased to support Medicilline in its mission to educate and inform citizens and businesses on the evolution, evaluation and consequences of the health crisis current.

Daxue consulting is a China-focused consulting firm offering strategic-driven research on market entry, market sizing, segmentation, business planning and branding in China. With offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong and a team of 40+ members, daxue has served more than 350 clients in 7 years with more than 650 projects. daxue is glad to be able to support covidminute, a data-powered initiative to understand better about the epidemic we are living

Artefact accompanies enterprises in their marketing and data transformation journeys by leveraging a powerful AI ecosystem and deploying a broad range of data-driven solutions. Our services are empowered by data with a business-centric approach, capable of meeting almost every challenge organisations can face. We specialise in:
Data consulting: We spot data opportunities and translate your business needs into data-driven solutions, which maximise your operations across the board.
Data marketing: We leverage Data, technology and AI to increase sales and optimise marketing spends.
Digital activation: We are a new kind of data-driven digital marketing agency in media campaign management (SEO / Organic Search, SEA / Paid Search, Paid Social, Affiliate Marketing, Display / Programmatic, CRM, Creation and Advertising).
Artefact Asia actively contributed to the search for innovation of by offering the manpower time of Maël Deschamps, data scientist, who designed, on the instructions of Carole Gabay, an analytical program on Python to analyze hospital data in Brazil. A big thanks to him and his managers Edouard de Mézerac and Pascal Duriez.