The team

Docteur Guillaume Zagury

I am a specialist in international public health, I have worked in China for 20 years, I experienced the SARS 2003 episode in Wuhan (!), And I am currently a part-time practitioner in Shanghai (with my Chinese and foreign colleagues) on top of my activities in Health Innovation and Public Health Expert.

Dr Zagury, Dr Guillaume Zagury, Sir Guillaume or Gui-gui for me, is as visionary as experienced; is as stubborn as hardworking; and is as mobilizing as groping (the devil is hiding in the details it seems).

If I have the good fortune and the honor to be woken up every morning (French time requires) with 30 messages, emails and countless requests … It is obviously thanks to the daunting work that has delivered Guillaume.

Flavien P.

… And his teammates

Bachir Athmani

Former intern and surgeon of the Paris Hospitals, Doctor Athmani graduated Doctor of State of Medicine from the University of Paris. In 1993, Dr. Bachir Atmani began his Internship in Plastic Surgery at Saint Louis Hospital in Paris before practicing Plastic Surgery in China in 1997 and 1998.
Back in France, he obtained his Diploma in General Surgery (DES) then his Diploma of Complementary Specialized Studies (DESC) in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, his Inter-University Diploma in Microsurgery (DIU), and his Diploma of the French College of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. He becomes the first Western Surgeon in the world to be certified to perform Plastic Surgery in China. Among other things, he served as Head of Service in the Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at United Family Hospital (Humujia) in Beijing “American Hospital”
Member of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).
Active Member of the French Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
Member of the French College of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
Accredited by the French National Authority for Health (HAS)
Member of the Beijing Plastic Surgeons Club

FYI, what you have just read is a bio and not a novel. Bachir and Guillaume knew each other when they were (beautiful) young people, and the love story has not stopped. Their romance is so important, that they talk every night about (supposedly) the subject that will be covered in the next day’s analysis. So when you have a question for one, guess who answers it? I believe you have the answer.

Flavien P.

Laëtitia Bernard Granger

Previously, I had worked for 1 year and a half, in a Parisian start-up, specialized in automatic language processing. I took care of setting up AI projects with clients and I made sure they were satisfied.
At the beginning of January, with my husband and my 2 children (7 & 10 years old) we leave the Paris region to settle in the north of China (Shenyang).
I “made the acquaintance” of the doctor, at the end of January, through his daily posts covid19 on Wechat. It was my main source of information that kept me from panicking. In February, back in France, I joined the team to help set up and feed social networks and document together with Carole Gabay the CovidFlow database  with desk research on lockdown / restrictions elements.

If you receive notifications on your phone, it’s because of Laëtitia. The publication on the various networks is his fault. You can also blame her for liking your messages when they are relevant (it’s rare, we know), or for the comments of your comments.

Even if you have everything not to like it, we love it. Because we are entitled to a daily report of the posts that have caught your attention so that we can annoy you even more regularly.

Flavien P.

Richard Coffre

Richard is a software engineer EISTI. He has worked in IT for 25 years in all types of structure: from startups – his own – to large groups, for example at Orange.
Although he retained his soul as an IT developer, Richard evolved into managerial positions in service companies or with clients. Lately he has fully recognized himself in the agile culture he has always practiced and has added agile coaching, even if he defines himself more as an agile hacker.
His professional experience places him as the link between people who have problems to solve and those who have solutions: he is a facilitator.

Don’t trust the photo, this guy is a geek! As soon as arrived, as soon as the new site created. A coincidence ? I do not believe. And it’s not over !! Lots of little surprises will emerge thanks to our Bill Gates.

Flavien P.

Mohamed Fadel

Pharmacist Mohamed Fadel, of + 10 years of International pharmaceutical experience, besides Pharmacology & Medicinal Chemistry there is a much considerable interest in Public Health, Epidemiology, medical-pharmaceutical innovation, and medical coaching of pharmacy practices, +3 years of coaching experience in International medical environments both in mainly Beijing & occasionally Shanghai. Let alone being a left footed footballer who unless was being a pharmacist, for sure would be a professional footballer!

Amo is our international graphic Mister. Always in a good mood, he manages to stay calm when Guillaume asks him to add a comma, then remove it, and finally put it back. All in just 5 minutes … Amo is also responsiveness !!

Flavien P.

Flavien Palero

Coming from the world of football (5th national level in France & Spain) / handball, I did an MBA in sports management. After working as a business developer for international vacation centers in the United States, I decided to explore South America in a backpack. Then, I came to China to develop and market international sporting events (Football World Cup for lawyers / World Health Games). It was during this stage that I met Doctor Zagury. After countless exchanges around cappuccini, we decided to collaborate …